Best silent hill game

best silent hill game

I'm planning to buy a couple SH games for a Christmas present, and I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations. The person I'm. My 2nd game is the original Silent Hill on my PS1, in which i'm 30 From the original team silent games I like part 1 the best but they are all  Which Silent Hill game is the best to start with. Find out which Silent Hill games are the best, as we've ranked the entire series in our ranking Silent Hill games feature!.

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Top 8 Silent Hill Games best silent hill game Plasticstars Follow Forum Posts: PyratRum Follow Forum Posts: Posted on October 20, Looking back, it's loaded with symbolism and deeper meanings, and leaves a lot open to interpretation, much like SH2. Top 10 Series That Began on PlayStation 1 - Debut titles that achieved greatness 1d 7h ago. Best to worst, my opinion:

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Shattered Memories Meh — Silent Hill: The Zodiac Age Horizon Zero Dawn. You just run away until he leaves you alone, or in one case, 2 Pyramid Head manifestations kill each other for you. Even if all of you violently disagree with me and come at me, torches and pitchforks in hand, this was still worth it, even if it was only to grant me a brief reprieve from the shakes, sweats and fever that come from not at least talking about Silent Hill. After the first three games, the series had a noticeable drop in critical reception, and the series just kept going down. I'm at the school right now, loving the atmosphere and the puzzles, still a long way to go. Its story, story development and soundtrack are phenomenal, but that's it. Not quite a Silent Hill game, not quite a dungeon crawl, Book of Memories ends up being one big shrug of a game. Nothing groundbreaking by any means, but certainly nowhere near "horrible" as many would have you believe. Best silent hill game to buy? From what I understand, the atmosphere is much more like 1's, and you'll see why. The original Silent Hill was the only truly great game of the series imo.

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So many people talk about how they didn't like it but I thought the concept and story was great. That said, the story in Shattered Memories is very good, as is the psychological design The only one I ever played was Downpour. I didn't like Silent Hill Shattered Memories. The MIST in a -- okay, you get the point, but seriously. Silent Spin win casino 2 was one of the top Silent Hill games they. Sort Of Although a lot of moviegoers have become weary of the current comic-book movie craze, I thought I'd come here and be the only one to say So if it's like that, it's alright. The name alone can send chills up your spine, calling up images of that empty, foggy town where untold evil lurks, waiting just for you. IGN uses cookies and other tracking technologies to customize online advertisements, and for other purposes. However, I do own Homecoming and Shattered Memories. Short, ill-fated, and confusing as it may get toward the end, PT is a brilliant little pocket of terror that surpasses the quality of horror games twice its length, doing the Silent Hill series proud even in its abbreviated state. Best Silent Hill Games A list of the best games from the Silent Hill franchise. SH2 was much more subtle and was more unnerving tha anything outside a few scenes. See our calendar for Netflix Season Premieres Ad https: Owaku was the co-writer of SH1 and the main writer of the story of SH2 and SH3. I really enjoyed it, it made me think, it creeped me out, got my adrenaline pumping when I was running from the nasty monsters and messed with my head a few times.




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